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The story of Vintage Dream began 18 years ago, when founder Olga Leffers started her vintage collection. Today Vintage Dream Gallery has the largest collection of vintage costume jewelry and clothes in Eurasia. That includes more than 10,000 pieces. Many of them have been exhibited in Europe and in Russia on multiple occasions. Whatever you are looking for — American brooches of the 1930s, French vintage items of the 1960s, or fashionable costume jewelry of the 1990's — we have pieces of almost any era and any style.


Over the past years we have become too involved in trends. How often you come to a party and see girls wearing the same massive watch, oversize blazers and the same bags? Vintage things give us the opportunity to make our own choices — those not dictated by the latest fashion trends. After all, how rarely these days does a woman get a chance to highlight her individuality and buy something that will be exclusively her choice?

Sustainable Fashion

To date, many of the largest fashion houses, such as Stella McCartney, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani, Saint Laurent and others have launched their own social and environmental projects. More and more companies of the fashion industry rely on the so-called sustainable fashion. By giving preference to vintage things, you thereby contribute to the common cause, directed against overproduction.

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