Coco Chanel was not born in Paris (she was from Saumur, France), but her name will always be associated with this city. In the early 1920s she settled on famous Rue Cambon. After many years, this street is still known worldwide as Chanel’s home.


Gabrielle Chanel's reverent attitude to Paris is partly due to her love for the Ritz Hotel, where she lived for 34 years. Chanel’s famous apartments is decorated with Mademoiselle’s original and unsurpassed taste: gilded lions, Coromandel screens, lots of mirrors. During Paris Fashion Week the price per night in her room can be as high as 28,000 euros. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Coco Chanel's home for less money, the Ritz also offers a variety of facial treatments and massages with Chanel products.

From the hotel, go to the Chanel store on Rue Cambon, 31. This year, the boutique celebrates its anniversary - 100 years since its opening. Before moving to the Ritz, Chanel lived in the apartment above the shop. So many fashion shows and parties were held there and Ms. Chanel used to watch her guests from the fifth stair of the legendary staircase, (5 was her lucky number). Today, this building houses the office of the fashion house.

Chanel brought revolution not only to the fashion industry, but also to the fields of beauty and perfumery. In 1921 she released the iconic fragrance Chanel No. 5 - a complex perfume with notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, rose and iris root. A few more scents followed, including the release of 1925 - Gardénia. To find out what flowers filled Chanel’s life, visit the Marché aux Fleurs -- one of the oldest and largest flower markets in Paris opened in the mid 1800s.


Cafe Angelina, founded in 1903, is known to many, because Coco Chanel was a regular there. Located on the Rue de Rivoli, it is just a few minutes walk from the place where Mademoiselle lived and worked. Stucco molding, mirrors and high ceilings make up the luxurious decoration of the place. Drop by to enjoy the legendary hot chocolate and the Mont-Blanc signature dessert!


For dinner go to Grand Véfour – another Coco’s favorite. The restaurant located in the Palais-Royale has a 200-year history. Its walls have seen so many cultural, political and social events! Enjoy excellent food in a historic Belle Époque atmosphere.

Then visit Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, where the premiere of the ballet Le Train Bleu, for which Chanel had created the costumes, was held. The theater holds performances for every taste: from concerts of contemporary music to classical opera.

Going on with the cultural program, visit the Grand Palais, where twice a year Chanel traditionally shows its ready-to-wear collections. The rest of the time exhibitions are held in this beautiful place - from contemporary photography to visual arts. The main feature of the Grand Palais is the ability to view art objects in daylight, which pours through the huge glass dome of the palace.