1922 - 1999

In 1920, James Napier took over the helm of the Whitney and Rice company which had been making gold and silver objects since 1875. In 1922, the company name was changed to Napier, and the production completely switched to costume jewelry. Napier jewelry was especially popular in the 1950s and 60s. Napier pieces were characterized by modern elements and clear geometrical forms. Charm bracelets became a thing then, and in 1950, the Napier Jewelry company gifted First Lady Mamie Eisenhower with a charm bracelet that featured elephants, the mascot of the Republican party. She loved the gift and wore it often. Bracelets featuring green glass elephant charms were made available to the general public and were an instant hit among the American women.


In the late 80s the company was bought by Victoria & Co who closed Napier down in 1999.