1985 Chanel 24K Braided CC Logo Necklace
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This gorgeous Chanel necklace was part of Lagerfeld’s 1985 collection. The pendant looks very chick and dainty: the famous CC logo is framed in three rows of ropes. It goes with a long cable chain consisting of a several perpendicular links. This piece, finished with 24K gold vermeil, is a wonderful example of Karl Lagerfeld’s heritage — the designer basically started the trend of logo mania.

Logo mania gained popularity in the 1980s and became even more hot in the 1990s. But if back in the 1980s logos screamed about success of the owner, today they are more about fashion. For a couple of years now logos have been a trend mainly due to the street style photography — they look fancy and cool with street style outfits.

Life hack: try wearing a couple of necklaces together. Today, layering is particularly POPULAR — this trend came to us in 2017 and is firmly entrenched in the wardrobes of fashionistas. A couple of vintage necklaces will make your outfit stand out — the MORE, the better! They can be of DIFFERENT colors, lengths and shapes. Don't be afraid to EXPERIMENT! Combine three or four pieces in one look. Vintage jewelry is what surely will make you look different! And by layering pieces you will add a cherry on the top. Express your own self with bold combinations.



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