1985 Rare Chanel Plastic Gripoix Cuff Bracelet
6 406 $

This rare bracelet is made of black plastic, decorated with a beautiful gold-plated ornament and incrusted with Gripoix cabochons of all shades of red complemented with rhinestones.




Maison Gripoix was a small family company, founded in 1870 by Augustine Gripoix. It was famous among French fashion houses for creating fine glass cabochons and beads using a special ancient technique called pâte de verre: a ceramic or qypsum mold was filled with multi-color pieces of glass and special gluing substances and then baked in a furnace. Although Augustine changed the original method: she melted the glass first and then she poured it into the moulds.  Cabochons turned out of pure and vivid color, transparent and shiny.


Great fashion houses collaborated with Maison Gripoix, including Paul Poiret, for whom the company created oriental-inspired pieces; Jeanne Lanvin, Jean Piguet, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.


In 1921 the very first line of the so-called ‘costume jewelry’ was released by the House of Chanel in collaboration with Maison Gripoix and very quickly became a hit. It was quite a logical step for the brand since Gabrielle Chanel was very keen on the concept that luxury should be comfortable. Also, Mademoiselle's laconic and simple garments asked for accessories. Diamonds would not work. First, Gabrielle loved to experiment with the size of gemstones and did not like to limit herself to the number of pieces for one outfit. Second, after WWI it was no longer safe to wear fine jewelry in the daytime since women started to go out alone, not accomponied by their maids.

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