Miriam Haskell

Elegant pink bracelet by Miriam Haskell
522 $

This delicate and subtle bracelet features four threads of glass beads in two shades of pink. The dark pink beads are of a smooth round shape, the other three threads feature beads of complex, irregular shapes. All the beads are separated from each other by smaller pink beads. Closer to the decorative clasp, the two central threads flash four crystal beads. The rectangular shape of the clasp is a classic example of Miriam Haskell’s design: a filigree base of Russian gold-color is covered with crystals and beads of several kinds, interspersed with small gold leaves. This beautiful piece of jewelry is hand-made with impeccable taste and sense of proportion. 

Marked: Miriam Haskell. 


Size: length 21 cm, width 2.7 cm

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Brand: Miriam Haskell,