Elegant necklace of chains with Gripoix glass flower by Chanel
5 493 $

This beautiful necklace is comprised of numerous gold chains of beautiful weaving and a large flower made of Gripoix glass in the center. The flower features many petals of different sizes, milky-blue and tender lilac in color: a very exquisite color combination. This feminine and exclusive necklace can be worn both in the evening and during the day. This is the top level of Chanel jewelry. Collectible value. 


Some background history: 

Founded in 1869, the French Maison Gripoix is one of the oldest jewelry manufacturers in the world. They revived the art of melting pâte de verre glass to create beautiful cabochon-like glasses that are set in gold or brass polished to a gold shine. These jewelry pieces were a great success back in the Belle Epoque and were worn and on stage and in everyday life by Sarah Bernard herself; the fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth was also fascinated by them. 

Gripoix jewelry in the form of flowers and insects was especially popular. The famous Coco Chanel loved wearing jewels together with costume jewelry. In the 1920s, after meeting Madame Gripoix, Chanel asked her to make a collection especially for her house. Cooperation between the two houses continues to this day, even after the death of their founders. 




Size: length - 40 cm, a flower - 5,5 by 5,5 sm. 

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Brand: Chanel,