Trifari Alfred Philippe Gold and Tricolour Fruit Salads clip-on earrings
412 $

The “fruit salad” technique is the European interpretation of the traditional Indian “Mogul” pattern, which symbolizes fertility. This rebellion of colored, faceted stones became the symbol of the Art Deco era and the reflection of the mood of the 1920s.

The first European jewelry brand that mastered this technique was Cartier. It borrowed the ancient Indian tradition of carving precious stones. When one of the main jewelers of Cartier Alfred Philip went to work at Trifari, he was able to fulfill his wildest dreams. And one of them was this bracelet which a true piece of art.

One of his creations are these gold-plated clip-on earrings.


Marked: TRIFARI with Crown



Product details
Brand: Trifari,
Collection: Tutti Frutti (Фруктовый салат),

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