Nanette and Rintintin collectible silver brooches, Trifari 1943
443 $

These lovely brooches depicting straw figurines are made of gilded silver and decorated with red cabochons and transparent crystals. Straw figures named Nanette and Rintintin were invented in France as toys for children. During the First World War the figures were made of yarn and given to soldiers as good luck charms, and those who stayed in Paris pinned the small amulets to the clothes and hats during air raids. And in 1943 Alfred Philippe, designer of Trifari, recreated these iconic figures in the form of silver brooches. These rare collectible brooches can become your good luck amulet! MarkedTrifari sterling Pat.n.136079. 

Size: 4.4 cm. 

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Brand: Trifari,