Stanley Hagler necklace
1 549 $

This stunning necklace is a real work of art, like all Stanley Hagler jewelry. The four threads of baroque pearls are continued by a scattering of shining-gold flowers, completed with sophisticated droplet-shaped hangers: large pearls are inserted into filigree gold cones. In this set you can feel the Oriental influence, it is gleaming with all shades of gold and the mysterious shimmering of pearls.  Stanley Hagler made jewelry by hand, and his collections were limited.  A distinctive feature of his products is the gilded filigree foundations. He obviously borrowed the idea for such designs from his teacher Miriam Haskell. 

This luxurious necklace will be a great addition to the evening outfit or maybe even a wedding dress! There are also matching clip-on earrings available. This set of jewelry was featured in a photoshooting for a wedding edition of LOfficiel Baltics. 



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Material: Pearls,