Frogs, rare collectible silver brooch by Coro
959 $

The stunningly beautiful and charming little frogs are made of gilded silver and decorated with two large brown crystals shaping the frogs’ bodies, enamel, small transparent crystals, and yellow cabochons for the eyes. 

The brooch is equipped with the special patented Coro’s fixture which allows it to be divided into two fur clips, i.e. each frog can be worn separately. 

The famous series this brooch belongs to is dabbed Coro Duette. The design was developed by Coro's chief designer Adolph Katz and patented in 1944. A wonderful, rare brooch - beautiful and one-of-a-kind! 


Marked: CORO STERLING PAT.No.1798867 


Size: whole brooch - 5 x 5 cm, each frog separately - 5 x 2.7 cm. 

Product details
Brand: Coro,
Material: Sterling silver,Enamel,
Collection: Duettes (Дуэты),

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