Luxurious long necklace with multicolored Murano glass, pearls and crystals by Chanel.
3 687 $

This stylish and spectacular necklace is comprised of numerous chains, patterned filigree elements, white pearls, transparent crystals, and wonderful multicolored Murano glass beads. The use of this kind of glass is rare for Chanel and you are unlikely to find a second necklace like this! 


The red, green and yellow beads are fascinating in their beauty. They are made by hand and seem to glow from the inside. The original luxurious-looking tassel-shaped element comprised of chains with beads at the end looks very stylish. A long, large necklace that stands out! Nevertheless, it can be worn during the day. With a monochrome tunic or sweater, with a shirt or a laconic dress. Of course, the necklace is of collectible value. 




Size: total length of necklace without tassel - 84 cm, tassel - 12 cm. 

Product details
Brand: Chanel,
Material: Pearls,