Miriam Haskell

Luxurious necklace with white pearls, pink and green beads by Miriam Haskell
879 $

This magnificent pearl necklace is made of white Baroque pearls. Starting from the exquisite clasp, the pearls gradually grow in size. Between pearls we see small gold beads. The centerpiece of the necklace is decorated with even larger pearls as well as original pale pink oblong beads and green beads forming leaf shapes. All this splendor is attached to the filigree base of Russian gold color. 

This is a stunningly beautiful necklace in the typical Miriam Haskell style. Perfect condition! 




Size: length - 41 cm, central part - 3.8 by 6.4 cm 

Product details
Brand: Miriam Haskell,
Material: Pearls,