Luxury Asian-style bracelet by Har, 1960.
870 $

The Har Company is one of the most mysterious among all the famous jewelry companies. Unlike such giants as Trifari or Coro, whose activities are evident, and their jewelry can be dated by patents and advertising campaigns in major magazines, there is very little information about Har. At the same time, over the short span of its existence the company has released several amazing jewelry series. All of them were included in the pantheon of the best collection jewelry of the 20th century! In each of these series (dragons, snakes, genies, Chinese people), the centerpiece is always the bracelet. It was Har bracelets that became the summit of the design. Presented here is a Har luxurious bracelet in the Asian style. The bracelet is made of yellow gold metal and decorated with numerous unusual crystal and stone inserts. Among the design elements, we see a head of a Chinese man made of plastic imitating carved ivory, a metalic traditional Chinese headpiece designed to protect against the sun during the collection of rice, and miniature images of pagodas. Each of the elements is absolutely unique. Each stone and crystal was created by special order. Amazing design, incredible quality! A very rare and collectible bracelet! 


Marked - HAR 


Size: 18 by 3.5 cm 

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Brand: Har,