Miriam Haskell

Exquisite jewelry set by Miriam Haskell
890 $

To meet such an exquisite set from Haskell is a rare luck! The set consists of an incredible necklace and large, spectacular flower-shaped earclips. The necklace consists of numerous pendants of several kinds: baroque pearls of ivory color, classic round pearls of pinkish-beige color, oval beads of several sizes of tender pink color with milky veinsand glass flower-shaped beads of light crimson color. All this magnificence was hand-attached to a chain of ancient gold color. In addition to the numerous hangers, we see six elongated inserts of an unusual light pink color (very similar to pink quartz). The necklace’s length can be adjusted, making it slightly longer or shorter. The earclips deserve a praise of their own. They are shaped like flowers. Each flower consists of two layers of petals of different sizes of clouded light pink color. The center of the clip is decorated with pink crystals that form another flower shape. A stunningly beautiful set! Definitely has collectible value! 




Size: necklace - maximum 52 cm, width - 2, 3 cm, clips  3.6 by 3.6 cm. 

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Brand: Miriam Haskell,