Silver malachite set by Hobe
443 $

The American company Hobe are known for producing replicas of royal houses’ hereditary jewelry. The presented silver-gold set of a brooch and earclips is possibly of this kind. The details are exquisite and delicateThe majestic earclips are shaped as flowers. The flower and leaf shapes with miniature silvery beads in the lustrous brooch are beautifully detailed and look very true to lifeThe centerpiece of the brooch is a large rectangular cabochon of malachite color. Malachite is believed to have many favorable properties and to fulfil the wishes of its owner. It has been noticed that this stone enhances health and inner harmony. It brings happiness in personal life, good luck in business, and protects from danger. The subtle combination of silver and gold, the exquisite filigree pattern, the impressive size of the stone and the intricate details make this elegant set so valuable. This set will give you a majestic aura! 


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