Stanley Hagler

Stylish black and white necklace and earclips by Stanley Hagler
693 $

This remarkable set, unlike most of Stanley Hagler's jewelry, is not massive and solemn. Still, it is absolutely beautiful and very stylish. Perhaps the main component of success in creating this jewelry set was the unusual design: the black and white color scheme and geometrical shapes. At the same time, it features all Hagler’s signature elements: the filigree base of the color of Russian gold, beading, and floral motifs. The centerpiece of the necklace consists of three hoops, each decorated with white flowers with a crystal in the center, and black beads. Each hoop has a round-shaped pendant covered in white beading, tipped with a black bead. The earclips perfectly match the necklace design. At the same time, they look great on their own. This elegant and stylish Stanley Hagler set was designed by Mark Mercy. 




Size: clips  7.5 by 1.9 cm, necklace - 44 cm long, centerpiece  12.5 cm wide by 7.5 cm high. 

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Brand: Stanley Hagler,