Vintage Star Heraldic Coat of Arm Set
184 $

Heraldic elements in jewelry symbolize strength, power, tenacity and reliability. They have been a trend throughout the decades and surely will never go out of style.

Since ancient times, symbols and signs have been very important to people. Heraldry developed in the European High Middle Ages when knightly tournaments became a thing. The crowd could not see knights’ faces, since they were wearing helmets. So, to tell one from another family coats of arms with special symbols were created. Later these symbols were placed on family seals, pendants and flags. Centuries later jewelry designers introduced them in their collections.

Today pieces with heraldic symbols are very popular.

This gorgeous heraldic set from Star features clip-on earrings and a brooch in the form of a shield and two poleaxes. The silver-colored metal complements the turquoise cabochon with a crackle effect. A real gem for those in love with the heraldic symbols.


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